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Hashtag Elite - 90 MB - MidArch - Dark Matter LTD

Hashtag Sports Origins

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#HASHTAG added some new sticks in the – ELITE 90 series – available as a LIMITED EDITION.


The MIDARCH (MidBow) curve provides excellent control over the ball, with a high playability feel while providing power to launch those long, hard, passes to your teammates.

The 90% activated carbon technology provides POWER & FEEL, combined with the perfect WEIGHT & BALANCE RATIO.

The stick delivers a unique high level supreme mix, approved by all levels of Field Hockey Players, elite, pro & recreational...

The stick mold is extremely popular with the experienced, top level, players but we know by feedback from our customers that the stick is also very accessible for players who want to develop and step-up their game – this stick will support your hockey skills in every situation.

The MIDI hook allows very quick movements and ensures ball control in your play, providing enough power for any type of player on any position.

The #HASHTAG hockey sticks are produced in the best factory which guarantees the best raw materials in combination with state-of-the-art production technology.

Style of play: Defensive, secure positioning & controlling

Material: +90% carbon

Curve: 24,00mm

Flex: Stiff, with feel to ensure high playability

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