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The X-Heavy hockey ball is between 35gr. and 40gr. heavier than a normal hockey ball, but having the same size as a regular hockey ball.

Why would you use it for training?

For the player who is "injecting" the ball during the PC phase, this player needs to push harder and because of the extra weight the player "feels" the ball better and therefore feels the ball better on the stick, during movement of the ball.

The same goes for the PC taker, more weight means a better feel of where the ball is, therefore you can practice better to get that perfect motion needed for dragflicking / pushing.

Also this ball can be used in DRIBBLING and 3-D excercises, you feel the ball better and your stickwork needs to be "perfect" or you lose control and the ball.

WARNING! Never hit, slaphit... with these balls, it can and will damage your hockey stick. Only for pushing, dragflick, dribbling and 3-D work. Use only under supervision of a trainer or coach.


WEIGHT, extra heavy: +/- 191gr.

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